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After-The-Bell In The News: Victoria Wyeth Shares The World of Andrew Wyeth with ATB Students

What began as a routine day of remote learning became an afternoon enriched with wonderful art for After-The-Bell students who were treated to a special guest lecture by Victoria Wyeth, granddaughter of renown artist Andrew Wyeth and niece of contemporary realist, Jamie Wyeth.

During the Zoom lecture, students were able to get a closer look at paintings by the iconic artist including, "Christina's World," and "Maga's Daughter," and "Wind from the Sea." With her personal stories interweaved with the history of each painting, students gained a new and unique perspective of Andrew Wyeth's artwork. Needless to say, this was a memorable experience for all!

After-The-Bell is committed to providing meaningful learning experiences to help students remain engaged, inspired, and creative.

Click the link below to view the Daily Local feature:

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