Program Guidelines

  • ​If a student will not attend scheduled activities that day, please send an email or a note, signed by a parent/guardian to the After-The-Bell office located in room C106. When advanced notice is not possible, please email or call 610-268-5889. If for any reason you can’t email, please send a note the next day.

  • A student who is absent or suspended from school for the day may not attend After-The-Bell that day.

  • Students must stay for both sessions on any day they register. Students are encouraged not to change activities after the program begins.

  • It is expected that all participating students will follow existing school rules and our code of conduct during After-The-Bell. Students who choose not to follow the rules may be dismissed. Parents will be informed of any discipline problems which may lead to the removal of their child from the program. 

Rights and Responsibilities


  • A student should take the appropriate time to learn about the activities and should remain in the same activities for the program.


  • We try to give students their 1st choice of activity, but maintain the flexibility to choose from their 2nd or 3rd choice if necessary.


  • When you receive the letter informing you of the activities assigned, please notify us immediately if your child does not intend to participate. We always have students on a waiting list for our activities.



  • Any student attending After-The-Bell may request Bus Transportation home at no charge. Students must follow our Code of Conduct while riding on the bus. Bus service is provided by After-The-Bell, not the Kennett Consolidated School District.


  • Students who are registered for After-The-Bell on a given day are obliged to attend their After-The-Bell activities; students may not leave their activities to attend school sports games.


  • Some activities are very popular. Therefore, if you sign up for an activity as your first choice more than once—even if your application is received early—it is possible that you may be scheduled for that activity only once. For example, if Arts & Crafts/Cooking is your first choice on both Tuesday and Thursday, you may be scheduled for Arts & Crafts/Cooking on only one of those days. Or, for example, if you attend Sweet Shop in the Fall, you may not get in again in the Winter or Spring. We try to share the fun for everyone. 


  • After-The-Bell makes every effort to provide the scheduled activities. If an activity is canceled due to inclement weather, facilitator absence, etc., After-The-Bell will provide a substitute activity.

Get in Touch

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Program Address:
Kennett Middle School

Room C106
195 Sunny Dell Road
Landenberg, PA 19350

Mailing Address:

Kennett After-School Association
P.O. Box 1068
Kennett Square, PA, 19348

Program Cycles




Program Hours

Tuesday: 2:35pm to 5pm

Wednesday: 2:35pm to 5pm

Thursday: 2:35pm to 5pm

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